Our Guides

Captain Brett Winegarden

I grew up hunting seas ducks and divers on the pacific coast and Columbia basin for the past 30 years. Over the years I was taught by my father Scott to be abstract and try new things, and that’s where the success comes from. I enjoy watching folks take the trophy of their dream.

Out here you have to be tough and hardy the dogs have to be extreme and balls to wall, and our chessies fit that mold perfectly. You will not find a better outfitter to hunt with that knows the land, birds and how to kill them. I look forward to meeting you all soon. As we like to say here at Columbia Coast… “sit down, shut up, and shoot!”

Jake Stearns

My love of waterfowl hunting started in my early teens. Like most people hunting small ponds shooting mallards and the occasional goose.

I had a couple good mentors along the way including my dad. I took what they taught me and pushed it to the extreme chasing divers on the big water and that progressed to chasing the elusive seaducks in the vast saltwater of Washington state. If you after once in a lifetime birds for the wall or shooting limits daily Columbia coast has your back.

Seth Ackley

I’ve been duck hunting since the age of 13. Over the years duck hunting has become my passion.

I have prior guiding experience for big game hunting as well as duck hunting. I train the dogs I run on my own and I plan to continue training bird dogs in the future. I’m living out my dream of being a taxidermist and I love sharing my dedication to hunting with those around me.

Colby Sarvis

Born and raised in Pee Dee region of South Carolina. I cut my teeth in the black water rivers and swamp as a kid chasing puddle ducks before moving close to the coastal salt marshes and bays to hunt divers and sea ducks.

I’ve made my way all up and down the Atlantic flyway and west to the Mississippi before landing in Washington state several years ago. The Pacific Flyway can’t be beat in terms of variety and volume of ducks. Barrow’s Goldeneye bring me back time and time again. They’re a sight to see backpedaling over the decoys. A sight I hope I get to share with as many folks as possible with Columbia Coast Outfitters. You won’t find a better place to live a dream than here.