Western Washington

This season is dedicated to Mr. John Stearns. He was a great father, Husband, Grandpa and friend to many people. We love and miss you… RIP

Western Washington

We at Columbia coast would like to welcome you to western Washington, where your trophy seaduck adventure starts!

Every morning the hunters will enjoy fresh coffee and a quick breakfast so that we can get right to the pursuit of your trophy bird of choice. We will also set crab pots every morning, in hopes of fresh Dungeness and Red Rock Crab.

Depending on the trophy in pursuit that day, the day could consist of a quick morning hunt or sometimes take till early to late afternoon and with that lunch will be provided.

Hunts consists of decoying birds from shore, boat or layout boats and with some hunts just dragging a line of decoys and enjoying the ocean.

We look forward to having you and look forward to making your sea duck adventure a trip of a lifetime.

$2,000/person + tax

3 Days/4 Nights

Included: Meals, Guide Fees, Lodging